New digital possibilities

The digitalization of the finance and corporate industry makes tokenization an important part of the capital markets of tomorrow.

Resulting opportunities for various service packages, assets and for investors are enormous. This will shape the future of the capital market.

A smart contract (digital) is linked to an asset and maps the rights and obligations of the legal contract. These are represented by tokens.

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ADAC GT Masters Season 2022

Joos Racing

From the car perspective, this Porsche has the potential
to win races.

The pit team around Hansi and Michi Joos has been working reliably for years and is crucial for the current development.

With two professional drivers sponsored by Porsche (Mr. Engelhart and Mr. Güven, the press has already reacted and the Joos Racing Team is in an excellent starting position.

After the 2nd place in the 2022 Dubai 24h race the focus this season is on overall victory in the ADAC GT Masters 2022.

ADAC GT Masters season 2022

22. – 24. April
20. – 22. Mai
Red Bull Ring
24. – 26. Juni
05. – 07. August
19. – 21. August
23. – 25. September
21. – 23. Oktober

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What is a token?

A token is the digitized form of an asset. The token thus has a certain value or a certain function.

Real assets such as real estate, paintings, film music rights and rights to business concepts, are tokenized by guaranteeing the associated rights and obligations on the digital token.

This means that the ownership structure is displayed digitally and can therefore also be traded.

A token can be
Fungible and non-Fungible

Fungible (exchangeable)

Just like with cash: a 100 euro note has the same value as another 100 euro note.

Non-Fungible (non-exchangeable)

means that it is a unique digital asset that cannot be exchanged one-for-one for another. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), on the other hand, can be compared to art objects such as paintings.

These have an individual value. When you swap them for each other, you usually don’t get the same value that you pass on. The NFTs contain information that proves their uniqueness.

In this way, the respective owner and all previous owners can always be traced back and everyone can therefore assert their claims transparently.

How is ownership documented

Think of the hash as an electronic fingerprint. It is always unique and is used to identify the respective block. Since each block also contains the hash value of its predecessor, a chain (blockchain) is created.

The blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer network, i.e. a network of equal computers that each have a complete copy of the blockchain. When a new information block is created, all computers on the network receive this information, compare it and then confirm the inclusion.

If someone were to try to insert a block of misinformation into the blockchain, they would have to inject it into all copies of it. Since this is almost impossible, the blockchain represents an extremely secure variant of data storage.

The corona pandemic has given wings to all digital imaging methods and thus provided new opportunities and security in the crisis.

The advantages of this are clear

100% Transparent

Transactions stored on the blockchain are transparent and securely traceable at all times.

95% Faster

With blockchain technology, existing, often still paper-based processes can be digitized. The speed of transactions then increases like a “skyrocket”.

60% Lower costs

“intermediaries” are rendered redundant by this digital route. In addition, process efficiencies can be realized. Transparency, security, costs and speed improve enormously in the value chain compared to traditional (established) methods.

24/7 Global portability

Previously illiquid assets can now be easily transferred around the world 24/7.

Fast growth needs the right transaction system

Your and our opportunity

We believe in development and exciting possibilities of tokenization for your business concept.

Tokenization creates new opportunities for a wide range of areas, industries and assets.

We are aware of our responsibility for future generations in every step of the way.


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